"Welcome to the magic show"
Imagine to discover all secret tricks of the magician on stage.
Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what he is going to do and what the result will be?

THPConsulting can open to you a different view on Procurement, providing a direct and privileged access to "dark side" of the business, explaining how and what the magician is going to do.
There's no magic in this! It's just Procurement experience.

Unique and innovative is the training for Sales willing to discover the Procurement world.
How many times you wondered "what's on a buyer mind?" or "what is the right pricing I should propose?".
"Procurement Behind The Scenes ©" will provide you the answers to those questions about Procurement, and much more.

THPConsulting is fully indipendent. Our professional approach is giving our customers the advantage and guarantee to always receive the most "fitting for purpose" negotiation strategy, based on realistic targets and not exclusively "what's is standard in the market".

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