"We are not here to spoil the show" ... but you should know that there's no magic in it.

This training is designed Sales person or Account Manager who have lost deals or revenue when dealing with Procurement. Likewise for Management and Executive teams looking to get the edge!

Procurement teams are trained to leverage their "buying-power" position to achieve the negotiation targets. These tough, highly trained professionals can drive down your margins to next-to-nothing by focusing purely on price as the dominant force in the sale. Some buyer goes even further than this and as Sales person you have very limited, or no alternatives than surrender. Do you recognize yourself in this picture?

Well, now it's time to take your little "revenge" and use this unique opportunity to look closer at the tricks and methods used by Procurement to position themselves. You can now understand which countermeasures you can prepare to defeat "Goliath".

Who is "Goliath"? Just have a look at the video on the left side of this page.
This is part of the "Procurement Behind The Scenes ©" training and in 3 minutes you can understand more about the training content. I'm sure you will be surprised by how close you recognize yourself as "David".

Procurement is not always and simply looking at price. It just wants you to think they do. This training is structured to help you master Procurement techniques and methods so you will effectively increase sales also by using simple ways to detach the negotiation from the “price-only” focus and move it to “value-generation”.

The training is structured in 2 modules (basic and extended) with different duration (respectively 3 and 6 hours).

Do you want to be a fearless negotiator?

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