A tailor-made solution based on supporting Sales teams when negotiating with Procurement, dealing with bids and contracts.

The customer needs drive the solution design.

In the first step, we will evaluate together your needs and requirements to create a strategy that ensure the maximum value during the negotiation.

THPConsulting can work “behind the scenes” identifyng the key points embedded in a bid request and prepare proposal answers shaped in the Procurement wording. Analysis of main contract terms and conditions to be secured will be part of the work.

Based on the complexity of the negotiation, THPConsulting can be an active part for the "face-to-face" discussions with your customer's Procurement team, suggesting the proper strategy to get the business awarded without leaving a big portion of your marging "at negotiation table".

THPConsulting provide dynamic flexibility and the full availability to meet your requirements and ensure direct access to the Procurement mindset by leveraging the experience based on more than 19 years as Procurement.

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