About Us

“More than 19 years of experience in Procurement at your service”
This is the best way to summarise the strenght of THPConsulting.
With a direct access to an almost unlimited knowledge about the Indirect Procurement world with Global, Local or “Mixed Setup” environment experiences.
An extended background in different type of industries, different complexity level of contract negotiations managed and a dynamic flexibility, adapted to the customer needs compose the service portfolio of THPConsulting.
Our results: an outstanding track record in sales improvement and transformation with direct involvement in sales negotiations (+150M€ of new contracts awarded).


Acquire a direct access to Procurement mind-set looking behind the scenes, understanding your counterpart behaviour.
Discover “the dark side" methodologies and be able to anticipate "the next move". Expand your network of contacts within Procurement by engaging directly with a large network of Senior and Executive Procurement Leaders. Improve your sales negotiation skills & techniques and gain confidence in handling difficult conflicts. Lead negotiations and move out from the “price-only focus”.
Increase your sales by knowing what and how Procurement is looking for. Become a “fearless negotiators” by implementing a creative, agile and flexible approach to negotiations.
Lern how to build a long-lasting and reliable relationship with your customers and learn it via “Real-life” negotiation cases.

This is just a small view on the benefits you can get with THPConsulting.

Our Mission

Why THP Consulting?

An outstanding track record in sales improvement (+150M€ contracts)

Best Training

A unique and innovative training solution that will open the doors to the Procurement world.

Global Solutions

Flexible, dynamic and tailor-made approach to satisfy your needs.